Brian Maloy


Brian Maloy

Brian Maloy was always aware of the supernatural as a child, but it was an out-of-body experience that led him into the world of ghost research while serving in the U.S. Army on a training exercise in the 1990’s.

Soon after he returned home he joined several research groups, where he gained knowledge in the field. However, Brian felt the research should be tackled on a spiritual level. In 2004, Brian formed CGI, Chicago Ghost Investigations, where he focused not only on the scientific aspect of ghost research, but the spiritual and historical aspects as well. After perfecting this balance, Brian focused on ghost interviews by use of the divination rods. By doing so, ghost interviews were conducted and traced back through various databases and living witnesses with knowledge of the ghost being interviewed.

In 2006, Brian broke into the consulting industry in Chicago and became a media sensation overnight, offering the Midwest’s first interactive ghost-hunting experience to the public. This unique experience has been successful ever since and led to the creation of his 72-minute film, CGI’s “Passport To the Other Side”.

Brian looks forward to publishing his book, also called CGI’s “Passport to the Other Side”, and recently has been contacted by cable networks with the possibility of a show around the corner. He has conducted lectures at various universities, such as Northwestern University, focusing on ghost research, psychokinesis, and other aspects of paranormal activity.

Brian feels in his heart that the supernatural world is one of the last frontiers that sits right before our very eyes.

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